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Finding inspiration for teachers on youtube

A little inspiration…
I hope you feel as ready for another school year as I do after watching these youtube posts!
A couple of years ago, our district watched a video of a fifth grader speaking to educators in Texas. What a great speaker! Here’s the link:

In looking at it on youtube, I found the following song:

One more (in two parts.) Part 1:

Part 2:

I would love to be able to use this song and show photos of students in our district. Todd, is that possible??
Here’s one that’s a bit long and adults only (George Carlin and his f-bombs) but worth watching:

My new desk!

When I got home from Yellowstone, my daughter surprised me with a brand new computer desk! She works at Office Max. She even put some of her ceramics on it. My husband got everything hooked up. I’m thrilled as my old desk was falling apart and loosing its finish.


First visit to Yellowstone

I love Yellowstone! The animals,

the geysers and hot springs,

the vistas,

the smell of sulfur in the morning! Well, I could do without that! We stayed in Jackson, south of Yellowstone, for a couple of nights.  The drive into the park was a bit long, but worth the savings.

Then we camped for a couple of nights. It was fairly rainy and cold, but very beautiful. They provided bear boxes to hide food from animals, but the bison grazed wherever they wanted to!

We saw bison everywhere, even on the roads, including many calves.

But the only bears we saw were a mama and two cubs from a distance.

I would love to go back to Yellowstone sometime.