Finding inspiration for teachers on youtube

A little inspiration…
I hope you feel as ready for another school year as I do after watching these youtube posts!
A couple of years ago, our district watched a video of a fifth grader speaking to educators in Texas. What a great speaker! Here’s the link:

In looking at it on youtube, I found the following song:

One more (in two parts.) Part 1:

Part 2:

I would love to be able to use this song and show photos of students in our district. Todd, is that possible??
Here’s one that’s a bit long and adults only (George Carlin and his f-bombs) but worth watching:


One response to “Finding inspiration for teachers on youtube

  1. There are some amazing recording on YouTube and when you gather some in one place like you have here it is really powerful. Good work!

    The Carlin video is really silly. But like all good comedy, really insightful too!

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